Family Law Partners is a pioneering and progressive specialist family law practice.  We are firmly committed to resolving family disputes without recourse to the court wherever possible.  Unlike most family lawyers we look beyond simply the legal implications of divorce and work closely with other professionals to ensure our clients receive much needed emotional, psychological and financial support through their separation.  We have established a reputation nationally as one of the country’s leading Dispute Resolution practices whilst also maintaining strong litigation capabilities where required.

Since its creation in 2011, the reputation and profile of the firm has gone from strength to strength. Within our first year, we were proud to achieve a ranking in Chambers UK and went on to become the only specialist family law firm in Sussex to achieve a prestigious band 1 ranking. In 2019 we established a permanent London base in Marylebone, W1.

We continue to maintain a top position in Chambers UK where we were acknowledged for our deep expertise in all forms of dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative law. Chambers states that we are: “A team with an unfailing desire to achieve the best for their clients. They are a personable team and they focus on customer care and service levels.”

In addition to this external recognition of our strong team performance, all of our directors have been ranked by Chambers UK and/or Legal 500 as leaders in the field of family law.

Our Unique Proposition

(Alternative) Dispute Resolution

We are committed to offering our clients the full menu of dispute resolution options, from mediation to litigation, and have a particularly strong “collaborative” practice. Our ethos is to identify and resolve the issues rather than engage in rounds of endless, unhelpful correspondence.

The team includes five mediators, eight collaboratively trained lawyers and an arbitrator. We are ranked by the Legal 500 as having one of the strongest mediation offerings in the country.

Holistic approach

We are committed to helping our clients find the best possible solution which means finding a resolution that is not just workable now, but also in the future.

This requires us to take a holistic approach to our clients’ personal circumstances, in order to understand all of the issues.

We regularly draw on third party professional support in relation to financial and emotional issues from an established and trusted network of like-minded experts, to ensure our clients get the expert attention to detail their matters deserves.

We have built a solid network of experts and professional partners who add real value to our clients – as well as supporting our own team. For example, we work with counsellors, financial advisors, pension specialists, life coaches and other experts to extend the support we’re able to offer clients.


As well as working closely with local counsellors, all clients are offered access to a Resolution-trained Family Consultant.  We remain committed to managing the emotional impact where we can.  The key for this is to ensure the legal process impacts on the emotional as little as possible and vice versa.

We are also very mindful of our team’s wellbeing.  They deal every day with clients who are going through a deeply traumatic time in their lives.  We want to look after our lawyers and also believe that providing them with the emotional toolbox to deal with this makes them better lawyers and leads to a better service for our clients.  In May 2018, we launched our ‘reflective practice’ initiative. Facilitated by an external and highly experienced Resolution trained counsellor/coach, the monthly workshops allowteam members to consider how they have dealt with a situation and, with reflection, what they may change in the future to improve the experience for them and, as importantly, the client.

As far as we are aware, we are one of the first family teams in the country to respond in this way to our team’s wellbeing with group meetings, and to take a proactive stance through creating a dedicated model to support the mental health of our legal team.


For us, innovation is more than just a mindset. It underpins everything we do, and every decision we make.

We are developing an online platform focused on improving access to justice in family law by addressing the obstacles identified by the professional sector, its Regulator and the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, we are transforming our existing triage application beyond its present, narrow deployment, by utilising AI, machine learning, sentiment analysis and data analytics. The online platform (Family Law Lab) will host several applications of our own development in the family law sphere with, where appropriate, interoperability between the applications, and the creation of APIs for mainstream legal vendors and the emerging Family Courts’ digital platform.

In 2016, Family Law Partners, together with The University of Brighton, secured funding of £144,794 from the Government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.  The funding takes the form of a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership, utilising the University’s knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence expertise to develop a triage style system to underpin a novel model of family law provision.

Being accomplished lawyers isn’t enough as far as we are concerned. We think clients should demand more. Because we live, eat, and breathe family law we know just how challenging it can be for our clients navigating their way through the pain and exhaustion of family separation.